Agility, Speed and Convenience with Cloud HR

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Every business is looking for ways to achieve agility and convenience through re-engineering internal processes & raising productivity. Business leaders believe the new models of agility and convenience will deliver sustaining competitive advantage to the business along with growing profitability.

The HCM SaaS blog post is dedicated to discuss how businesses can achieve business agility and efficiency through cloud HR software.Business agility is a primary advantage of a cloud HR Software which is also a key driver for companies to adopt to cloud technology.

With HCM SaaS is a cloud HR software we have witnessed how our clients process their regular/ operational HR functions effeciently. The HR SaaS software has helped them to access the system from anywhere, anytime to process their HR tasks.

Cost effectiveness of a Cloud HR software is another fact that drives its flexibility. Human Capital Management will no longer become a headache to start-ups and small scale business entities, as cloud HR software enables them to roll-out a HRIS with essential HR functionalities at an affordable monthly subscription rate. Flexibility of these systems is further assured as companies do not have to invest heavily on a Cloud HR software, unlike in an on premise deployment.

Ability to obtain free system updates and having no cost involved in hardware such as servers is a definite advantage for businesses with cloud HR. This helps HR professionals to stay current with HR technology. It favors them to perform their regular HR functions much faster with a current system than having to waste weeks or months till an update happens in a typical on premise solution.

These benefits offered by a Cloud HR solution makes it the new model of agility and convenience in any business. We invite our readers to explore more!





















Cloud HR Software for your start up!

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Today, our focus will be on the SMEs and start-ups. Start-up companies or SMEs are entities with a highest need to empower their employees. An empowered workforce will ensure the success of these companies. Simply put, these business entities will hardly achieve their business goals without an efficient workforce.

Building this workforce is not only the responsibility of department heads or the founders… the responsibility equally goes to HR, where HR needs to have proper systems, techniques implemented to manage the human capital effectively, gather accurate HR insights to make productive HR decisions which will help employees grow.

A cloud HR software could be the supporter for HR in these organizations. Start-ups or SMEs with limited HR requirements can implement a cloud HR software to select only the functionalities required by the business.

Cloud HR software/ HR SaaS software is highly beneficial for enterprises with low budgets. Cloud HR software enables clients to pay monthly or annual subscriptions which is another advantage for SMEs, where they do not have to make major investment on the HR software at ones.

The time consuming processes in legacy HR software/ in-house solutions such as; time taken to upgrade software, costs involved in license and maintenance is not applicable to cloud HR software. Companies can conveniently sign up with the Cloud HR software and start using the system where they only have to pay the subscription amounts.

As a start up or SME, we believe your organization has lots and lots of plans for the future, many strategic initiatives to roll out to win the recognition in the market and outperform competition. This needs majority of your time, efforts and people. So why waste time on manual processes to manage your Human Capital Management? Why not sign up with a suitable cloud HR software today and get the ball rolling? All your operational HR functions handled manually will be done through an automated system, which will free you to think more on other business imperatives!

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4 reasons to leverage cloud HR tech!


Fundamental of Business success is the ability to adapt. This adaption refers to how businesses will align and re-engineer their processes to leverage changing business tech, evolving economic changes, social/ and demographical changes etc.

Our discussion today highlights how rapid and transformative changes/ development happening in business tech is largely affecting businesses. For an example, Cloud technology is making bigger impact on efficiency of various business processes. Cloud tech is now largely being applied to HR and let’s see why companies should capitalize on this technology to reap the best advantage of it.

Entering HR in cloud gives both employees and department heads the access to relevant HR data and apps anywhere, anytime. The accurate and up-to-date insights it provides for the executives and managers helps them make the right decisions, while ensuring optimal employee experience.

With the agility/ flexibility created by cloud tech, HR will reshape itself to become a strategically important function in the organization. Thus organizations that will adapt with this kind of changing technology will definitely outperform competition. Let’s dive deep. Let’s see 4 reasons as to why we recommend the application of cloud technology in HR

  1. Cost is low

Cost benefit is a definite advantage ensured by cloud HR software solutions. Unlike in an in-house system, Cloud HR software will provide you the ability to stay up-to-date as any upgrade to the software will be naturally enabled for you. Organizations do not have to invest additionally for software upgrades, purchasing license etc., hence promising a true cost benefit.

  1. Agility

Software upgrades enabled by the cloud HR software vendor helps you stay up-to-date in terms of functionality and user interfaces. Further, some cloud HR software solutions lets you select the functionalities required for the business out of the software suite. Enabling or disabling features will not cost the organization and it offers you the flexibility to instigate a HRIS that fits the organization HR policy.

  1. Ability to integrate

Some cloud HR software vendors are enabling the integration capability. We see how organizations are struggling to perform various HR functions through multiple systems (ex: single payroll software, separate recruitment portal, a manual process for performance appraisal etc.) a cloud HR software solves this challenge with two options. Companies can either implement a complete Cloud HR software suite which enables every HR functionality from recruitment to retirement, if not implement the required functionalities.

Another way is to capitalize on a cloud HR software which enables API integration, so you can integrate 3rd party applications with the HRMS.

  1. Availability/ Accessibility

Cloud virtually means from anywhere, at any time. Employees, superiors and even the HR users will have the ability to access the system and its data at their convenience with a Cloud/saas software. Further the mobile applications developed for Cloud HR software solutions promises the availability and convenience of performing HR functions much efficiently.

Cost benefit, flexibility, convenience and availability delivered by a cloud HR software, makes it the most resourceful technique for HR… to assist HR reshape itself to become a driver of business agility!

3 reasons to shift to Cloud HR!

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Most of our posts have been on modernizing HR with cloud. We have discussed how HR should become the agent of change and create the expected agility in the organization by transforming HR practices with cloud.

Cloud HR is mostly beneficial to organizations if your HR processes are scattered in disparate systems. What does this mean? Human Capital Management processes would be extremely cumbersome if an organization maintains a manual system for time tracking and maintaining employee profiles, and different software solutions to monitor and assess employee performance, then again another manually maintained excel sheet to track training needs of employees. User experience will be minimized with this kind of a scattered HCM practice. Also this will cause in a loss of information. There won’t be a single system of record.  Further ease of use of the HR information will be impeded with this legacy practice of HR management. Instead why can’t we integrate all these fundamental HR processes of your organization onto one single system and maintain all your data on a secured cloud?

We recommend HR software on cloud which basically delivers 3 benefits while completely eradicating the challenges of a traditional HR practice. These benefits will streamline HR functions of any enterprise and establish Human Capital Management as a business-led discipline. Let’s discover these 3 categories of benefits of solid Cloud HR software!

  • Reduced costs

While on-site HR deployments will require more time and effort along with manpower for the initial roll out, SaaS/ cloud HR software will require relatively shorter period of time and fewer resources to deploy. Further, any update to the on-site HR software will be considered as a chargeable task, whereas cloud software solutions provide software updates at a lower cost or FOC.

  • Helps innovation in HR

Cloud HR software will assist the HR organizations by giving quick access to any software update/s. this helps the HR organizations to maintain a HRIS that is up-to-date in terms of functionality/ user experience. This will be challenging with an on premise HR software. User experience or improvements in features will always come at an additional cost; hence the on-site HR software users unfortunately have to live with the same experience!

  • Improved employee engagement

Key users of the HR system are the HR department staff and the other employees who will use employee self-service facilities. Having cumbersome HR software will result in all of these employees walking away from the systems and not using the system for regular HR operations. Having easy-to-use system with improved user experience will definitely change this. Unlike the on-site HR systems, the user experience and connect-from-anywhere capabilities offered by SaaS HR software will help organizations to improve the user engagement dramatically.

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Re-imagine HR with cloud

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HR in the cloud enables users to perform HR functions with the software at anytime from anywhere. Hence why we say convenience is a key deliverable of cloud HR software solutions! It provides the sufficient information to executives and managers to draw decision and provide maximum employee experience. The cloud can make current HR practices more flexible and responsive that will support businesses. With the unpredictability of the business landscape, organizations which can confront change in businesses will outperform the competition with the cloud technology. Thus, cloud will redefine HR, where all functions will be quick and graceful.

HR applications in cloud can cater swiftness in many ways. For an instance a vendor providing its HR software solution on cloud will update the software without much effort and at no cost compared to on premise HR solutions. A conventional on premise solution is upgraded every two to three years which might incur an additional cost. On cloud, these upgrades can be done without deep planning and large costs.

With cloud HR software, HR can make modifications where new features can be added or unwanted features can be omitted whenever it is necessary. That is an advantage of having a comprehensive set of HR facilities on cloud. With time, HR cloud vendors will come up with further innovations with fluctuating technologies. Altogether these factors make it easy for HR to deal with technology to boost modernization and redefine business agility.

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Supporting HR Excellence with Cloud HR Software!


Is HR software on cloud/ HR SaaS software the next big disruptive technology applying to the HR domain? Our discussion today will discover how cloud technology engaged with HR software solutions will change a critical operation of the business; Human Capital Management.

Why has cloud tech started to perform an important role in HR? Let’s dive deep to find the reasons;

Business leaders keep demanding HR to contribute with more strategic input and technology to assist the decision making process and talent management. Hence HR needs to have access to HR analytics and ability to establish a HRIS to measure employee performance, organize training for employees etc. to ensure every employee turns out to be the expected quality of talent which supports the organization mission. HR software solution on cloud that get updated frequently with newer emerging technology will help HR managers to provide above insights to the business leaders for key business/ talent decisions.

A cloud implementation which is HR centric will help HR to perform comprehensive set of HR capabilities online, which gives them the ability to engage better with senior management to plan talent strategies. Literally, HR leaders can endeavor to give more support to operational excellence, formulate and implement more effective talent strategies and support revenue growth with Cloud HR software.

Cloud/SaaS HR has already showcased its benefits in terms of scalability and flexibility and cost effectiveness. These values of cloud HR software is helping organizations to transform their traditional HR functions structures into more nimble, flexible, and affordable systems.

Beyond the technological and cost benefits of a cloud HR software, it allows an organization to deploy efficient HR implementation without the barriers in enterprises of any size in any geography. HR software on cloud (once in place) enables HR professionals to perform HR functions from anywhere at their convenience.

This will help HR look and work more effectively by connecting all HR users consistently to perform core HR functions such as time tracking, maintaining employee information and even the strategic HR requirements such as performance management and organizing training programs with better agility! Visit to understand the value of Cloud HR Software further!

Cloud HR Software above Traditional On Premise HR Software?

saas benefits blogAs people become familiar with Cloud or SaaS (Software as a Service), they often tend to ask why cloud HR is better than On Premise HR Software solution.

Cloud certainly has some significant advantages of using cloud HR over conventional On Premise HR Software.

  • There is no cost for servers, storage and various Hardware devices such as attendance capturing devices. Only requisites are a Browser and an Internet Connection.
  • There are no concerns with regards to performance of the system, installations or maintenance.
  • And also no burden in having backups and worrying about security of data.

There are more benefits that you would get apart from these obvious ones by using cloud. One of the highlights is that if a client has some kind of an issue with the system it can be rectified within a small period via cloud unlike in an On Premise System where you have to analyse many aspects. In a nut shell, cloud enables brisk deployments such as fixing an existing feature or adding new features into the system where as this could be more challenging in an On Premise deployment, where an update to the on-site software needs to go through multiple milestones.

Hence why Microimage HCM has come up with HCM SaaS, a comprehensive human resource management software on cloud. This delivery model caters all those features that should be ideally included in a hassle-free HR Software.

HCM SaaS offers completely integrated core HR functions to streamline all the HR requirements particularly in small and medium businesses. Using novel cloud infrastructure, HCM SaaS offers significant HR modules such as Employee Self Service, Time and Attendance, Payroll Administration, Employee Performance and Organizing Training and so forth.

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